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Welcome to The Canine Partners Weekly Lottery

Playing our lottery is a fun and exciting way to help Canine Partners train amazing assistance dogs that will transform the lives of people with physical disabilities.

For every £1 entry you play, we’ll allocate you a unique 6-digit number. Match three or more numbers in the right order and win one of our great cash prizes between £5 and £1,000. If you match all six numbers, you’ll win an incredible £10,000!

You can play £1, £2 or £3 per week for more chances of winning. Simply click the “Play now” button to join by Direct Debit and ensure you never miss a draw. There is no need to claim as we will write to you if you win and pay any winnings directly to your bank account - easy!

By joining the Canine Partners Weekly Lottery you will make a difference with every £1 you play, helping fund each vital stage of training our puppies and dogs to create partnerships that are life-transforming for people with living with physical disabilities in the UK.

Thank you for your support - and good luck!


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